View Full Version : I properly have one of the meanest looking cat out there

Perfect Storm
July 16th, 2021, 08:45 PM
Say hello to Findus:

https://forum.zorin.com/uploads/default/optimized/2X/3/3a42c207f6fa73057cc3ac29df66ecabe0992925_2_690x388 .jpeg

https://forum.zorin.com/uploads/default/optimized/2X/f/fbc0ecff9f4972fe79e99d5814ab9008788e8631_2_345x194 .jpeg

Even as a kitten he looked mean. Here's a picture where I'm trying to get my computer chair back.
https://forum.zorin.com/uploads/default/optimized/2X/f/f8231c83ad876f23ebce2fad103fb1d7f2c07131_2_690x388 .jpeg

July 19th, 2021, 04:56 PM
He does look mean.

I bet he's spoiled rotten.

We have several cats and they think every chair in the house.

I just dump them out and sit down and a few minutes later the cat that got dumped is in my lap

Cats are cool and ya gotta love their personality as it's all about them and they seem to know it.

Perfect Storm
July 21st, 2021, 11:54 PM
Aye, my cat is spoiled and very picky which food I have to buy. I need to get cat food from a special store or else it won't touch it.

July 22nd, 2021, 01:36 AM
Cats are interesting little creatures.

July 22nd, 2021, 04:01 AM

While my cat isn't the meanest, she has the best loaf game around.

July 22nd, 2021, 01:59 PM
My cat at Halloween :P.

July 22nd, 2021, 03:40 PM

"There's a syntax error on line 114, stoopid hooman ... " :lol:

Perfect Storm
July 23rd, 2021, 02:39 AM
My cat at Halloween :P.

I guess it won for best costum. :P

August 12th, 2021, 05:16 AM
it's not that mean