View Full Version : I repliced a fan in my PSU

May 2nd, 2021, 10:49 AM

I replaced a fan (12v, 0.18A) in my ~10 year old PSU Chieftec GPS-350 EB-101 A because it had became noisy. The new fan was expensive Zephyr 120 (12v, 0,18A). After replacement to my surprise it doesn't start rotating until I push it. After I push it rotates really slowly.

The power requirements of PC are really small - as my CPU takes max 55W and GPU is integrated in it. After 1h PSU is a bit warm, not hot, but warm - still the fan doesn't rotate until I push it.Though noisy, the old one started right away on power on.


May 2nd, 2021, 03:36 PM
Did you buy a fan or a windmill? :) Sorry.

The only thing I can think of is to enter the BIOS settings utility. You may be able to watch the temperature from there. There may be a setting for the temperature that activates the fan.


May 2nd, 2021, 04:02 PM
The fact the fan starts to spin when you press on it shows some sort of binding.

I'd loosen the four fan screws and then evenly tighten them but don't over tighten.

If that fails remove the power supply and remove the fan and see if it starts on its own while not being mounted.

New computer components are cheap junk nowadays and fans are flimsy and if unevenly tightened might cause problems.

May 2nd, 2021, 04:28 PM
Actually, it sound like a 12V fan connected to a 5V power tap. Are you sure it's wired correctly? Are there any jumpers on the fan itself for setting alternate performance modes?