View Full Version : thank you ubuntu community!

October 28th, 2004, 05:35 PM
for years i have used and stood by redhat. starting with 7.1 it was a console loving dream come true. since i grew up on DOS, moving to linux wasnt a big deal. i enjoyed it more because you could do much more than DOS would allow. setting up a linux server was a nerd paradise and i kept coming back to tweak and add. redhat 7.3 was not a big change and 8.0 came bluecurve, a welcomed harmonization, but lacked in good design. redhat 9.0 was more of the same and then the distro split and i moved to fedora.

finally installing fedora core 2 i experienced problem after problem. i got everything working, but my system was very slow. i began to look for a better way.

i heard on slashdot about ubuntu and really appreciated the community ideal of ubuntu. i also appreciate the default look and feel of the desktop(honestly it looks just like the way i setup gnome myself). it took me 3 days to get fedora usable, and even after that time i was not satisfied. it only took me 4 hours to get my ubuntu system usable, and i was more than satisfied, i was estatic. the synaptic package manager in ubuntu blows fedoras synapitc package manager out of the water. finally i can toss aside RPMS!

thank you very much!