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September 11th, 2019, 08:36 AM
So, i've got new work pc - HP ProBook 440 G6. Have no BIOS admin pass, cause everything is secured by IT. I know, most of you would tell that "there's a reason to lock, if it's locked" and you are pretty right at this point. The problem is that for my daily work linux is just enough and Windows is just pain to use. I worked for last 5 years on linux and it was actually more satisfying than Windows.

So, what do i have and need:

- locked BIOS (can not disable secure boot or any other things)
- any linux OS to run. preferably, ubuntu family.
- ability to install linux on external USB drive on another computer (i won't risk installing on my work computer, even if i get live usb to run)
- i could ask my IT guys to do me a favor and they even could let me use it the way i want (or find some consensus), but i don't want to include them in this. big corporate things, so i don't wanna them to get in trouble.

I did try to run daily ubuntu, ubuntu stable from both usb2 or usb3. when in "ESC" menu i could choose "F9 Boot order" there's no Ubuntu entry. Only "Choose from file", but when i choose EFI/boot/*.x64 file nothing happens. I installed ubuntu to external USB on another PC (with secure boot enabled), but it doesn't show up in menu. Also, i could not enter to that disk to load EFI from file.

Am i doomed with Windows, or there's something i'm missing here? Any ideas or success stories are welcome.

September 11th, 2019, 08:45 AM
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