View Full Version : How Do I know everything is installed fully and functioning properly

July 23rd, 2019, 09:03 AM
I'm currently running Ubuntu 16.4 dual boot on a Chromebook. I'm leaning toward switching the entire operating system over to Linux, but for the time being, I'm slowing between the two. My main issue is that things don't function as they should ( or I assume they should) on the Linux side (I have a problem while I'm trying to access some sites like Techgara or Apknite). So far as the basics I have some account management problems like being able to access blue tooth but not toggle it on and off or connect anything; I have to go back to the chrome os to l connect my BT keyboard. I have to open the Ubuntu software center in the terminal to be able to use it to install. I can only open Synaptic via terminal; clicking on the icon does nothing. As well as some software I assume isn't fully installed like LMMS not having vestige and some other things. Overall, I just wondering if things don't function at 100% because I'm dual booting and I guess Chrome is still the dominant OS or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

July 23rd, 2019, 02:51 PM
Dual boot OSes have nothing to do with each other, unless you connect them, which could make incompatible settings a problem between the two OSes. But for that to happen, you'd have to merge HOME directories. I don't think that is possible with a normal ChromeOS install.

Hardware failures can screw up any OS. Check the system logs for issues.

I don't use any of the other stuff you list, so I know nothing about it. Sorry.

I have run Ubuntu 16.04 on multiple chromebooks for years and never saw any behaviors that weren't expected due to the HW being a chromebook. The biggest issue was getting the keyboard mapping to work well enough for my needs. I missed the F12 key, pgup/dn, home/end and DELETE keys.