View Full Version : How to take Ubuntu with you when you are away.

August 23rd, 2006, 01:53 PM
Being used to Ubuntu is like an addiction, like driving your fancy convertible car you think is better than all the others! But when you go out to travel you are not going to find many Ubuntus on internet cafes or Public Libraries or most places where you have internet facilities. On those places you are most likely to find windozes :( That is the reality we live in.

So wouldn't it be nice to take our Ubuntu wherever we go?

look here:


and enjoy living in a world free of MS windozes and viruses, worms, spyware etc!

August 23rd, 2006, 05:07 PM
Already exists! The installation disk includes a live cd that you can boot into on almost any computer. The entire operating system runs off the cd, so it doesn't change anything on the computer's hard drive, unless you push the install icon. You can also plug in a flash drive (usb stick) and save you work onto that. Have fun!:D

edit: i just realized your advertising that lol. srry. I was wondering why it was in the marketplace... lol. Well anyways its nice to see that someone is doing this in a complete package, nice for non-geek people, very cool. I probably am gonna need something like this though. again, excellent idea. and sorry for misinterpreting your post (it's harder to understand forums since there's no voice expression).