View Full Version : [lubuntu] Unable to boot lubuntu from disk.

February 16th, 2019, 04:44 PM

I am completely new to Linux and have attempted to install lubuntu 18.10 on a new Lenovo ideapad 120S with Windows 10 pre-installed. I was able to boot from a USB-disk and install lubuntu, but I am now unable to boot from the disk. If I start the computer with the USB-disk plugged in, it boots from the USB-disk without giving me the option not to do so, and if I start it without the USB-disk it gives me a "Boot menu" with a single option, "SATA SSD", but selecting this option does nothing except return me to the same menu again. When installing lubuntu, I chose to erase all information on the disk, so I no longer have Windows 10 installed, and I am now unable to do anything at all with the computer without the USB-disk. The system on the USB still works just fine, however, so I'm guessing it's only a problem with the installation.

Any ideas how to fix this? I tried reinstalling lubuntu again, but that didn't fix the problem. I hope erasing everything on the disk didn't remove some vital piece of software required to boot from the disk? Any help would be appreciated!

February 16th, 2019, 08:53 PM
More information is needed and the best way to get that is to boot the Lubuntu install usb, go to the link below and use the 2nd option explained on the page to download the boot repair software. Once done follow the instructions on the page and run it selecting the option to Create BootInfo Summary and do not try to make any repairs. When it finishes, you should get a link to post here and someone should be able to help.