View Full Version : Ubuntu install froze on new ThinkPad and now canít boot in WIN10 or Ubuntu

February 3rd, 2019, 10:31 AM
Trying to use Linux for the first time on a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme. Never tried this before.

I downloaded Ubuntu onto a USB stick and booted into it to install the distro. It froze a couple times during the installation ďwizardĒ Iíll call it. I finally got it to work but it froze again while running the ďpost-installationĒ part of the install. It wouldnít let me do anything since it was frozen so had to do a hard shutdown.

I tried starting the computer without the USB and it asks me for my password because I chose for the encryption during the installation wizard. It accepts my password and then just goes to a black screen and the mouse that it lets me move around. It stays like this forever.

Then I said screw it Iíll try and install it from scratch again. At the boot menu it gives me the option of:


Windows Boot Manager

NVMe0: WDC PC SN70....



I choose the USB to do the fresh install again. Thatís when it runs through the Grub (I think itís called) and ends up at the screen that is my post. Then it just freezes there. It flashes several times to a black screen in rapid succession and then stays there.

Any recommendations?? Iím desperate. This is a brand new computer and want this fixed. Below is the picture of my screen when I try and start from the computer as it thinks Ubuntu is installed.