View Full Version : [ubuntu] FWUPD Dell XPS 13 9370

January 25th, 2019, 11:33 AM

I have a Dell XPS 13 9370 with NVME SSD and I am running Ubuntu 18.10, GNOME 3.30.1.

I am running Firmware 1.6.3 and want to update to the recently released 1.7.3. Unfortunately fwupd doesn't recognize the BIOS.

amilopowers@amilopowers-XPS-13-9370:~$ fwupdmgr get-devices
PM981 NVMe Samsung 512GB
DeviceId: f954c7acdf5fab61aeaca1cd71d29ea5ade6992f
Guid: 47335265-a509-51f7-841e-1c94911af66b
Guid: 8fd4ca73-d0ae-52e8-8977-461435c6f4cf
Summary: NVM Express Solid State Drive
Plugin: nvme
Flags: internal|updatable|require-ac|registered|needs-reboot
Vendor: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
VendorId: NVME:0x144D
Version: EXA73D1Q
Icon: drive-harddisk
Created: 2019-01-25

XPS 13 9370 Thunderbolt Controller
DeviceId: 3d3ebbb6365f66fc939e8235dcb387b2d3050a1b
Guid: 4eeb9d07-a96c-56d6-92d3-4a23ee7a6e4a
Summary: Unmatched performance for high-speed I/O
Plugin: thunderbolt
Flags: internal|updatable|supported|registered
Vendor: Dell
VendorId: TBT:0x00D4
Version: 33.00
Icon: computer
Created: 2019-01-25

amilopowers@amilopowers-XPS-13-9370:~$ fwupdmgr --version
client version: 1.1.2
daemon version: 1.1.2
compile-time dependency versions
appstream-glib: 0.7.12
gusb: 0.2.11
efivar: 34

Thanks in advance for your kind help.