View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu doesn't work with graphic card.

January 15th, 2019, 02:43 PM

I've had Ubuntu for some time on my stationary computer and it has worked perfectly up until now. A couple of days ago Ubuntu crashed and I couldn't start it up again. After I choose ubuntu in the grub menu the screen goes black. However if I boot in recovery mode everything works good. I can also boot normal if I take out my graphic card and use the processor built in graphic from the motherboard connection. I have also tried to reinstall Ubuntu with a bootable USB but it won't boot when I use the graphic card. The USB also works good with the processor built in graphic. I suspected that it was something wrong with the graphic card but since it works in recovery mode I am confused. I use an Intel i5 processor and a AMD Radeon 7950 graphic card.

Appreciates all answers!