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November 15th, 2018, 01:16 AM
Hello all,

I've had no problems using a USB to install Ubuntu on my laptop, but it seems there is no easy way to do it with my desktop. Even with the same USB I used for my laptop, I either get black screens or it hangs up on the purple screen with the Ubuntu logo

What I've tried so far:

Upgrading to the latest BIOS
Disabling fastboot
Different USB sticks
Verifying integrity of the download(s)
Attempting with 16.04 and 18.04
"Try Ubuntu" instead of jumping straight to installation
Replacing my PSU (seemed to work for someone else)

Now I'm going to attempt to Install Ubuntu externally to my SSD from my Laptop cause I'm not really sure what else to do. I would great appreciate any other suggestions on what to do.

Motherboard: GA-Z170-HD3
CPU: i7-6700k 4 GHz
Graphics card: GTX 1050Ti 4GB
Memory: Crucial 16GB (2 x 8) DDR4-2133

November 15th, 2018, 06:47 PM
The problem is the Nvidia gtx1050Ti card in that machine.
you need to append nomodeset to the boot line of the grub menu.
see this page. (https://medium.com/@sh.tsang/geforce-gtx-1080ti-gpu-nvidia-driver-installation-in-ubuntu-18-04-1d3407ecfd5e)

November 15th, 2018, 07:33 PM
Appending nomodeset to the end of the linux line keeps bringing me to the purple screen. I found another suggestion that said to add "nouveau.modeset=0", but that just leads me to a black screen again. Is it common for the purple screen to just take a long time sometimes? If I keep it running for an hour or so will it eventually bring me to the install prompt? Could a hardware issue possibly be causing this? My hardware isn't that old though, just a few months to a little under 2 years old. For what it's worth, I also tried installing a windows 10 USB and I got a BSOD

Update: Looks like it was indeed a hardware issue :( ! After swapping out my CPU I was able to proceed through the installation and install the drivers just fine after adding nomodeset. This thread can be locked

November 15th, 2018, 11:28 PM
Glad you found the problem and have it working, you can mark this thread as solved.