View Full Version : [ubuntu] one monitor scrambled after 18.10 update

October 29th, 2018, 01:17 AM

Hello everyone,
So I recently updated to 18.10 and everything works great except my center monitor is scrambled. I had the exact same setup on 18.04 and it worked perfectly fine. I've eliminated the HDMI cord and monitor itself as the cause because I have WIndows and Mac OSX on this same PC and it works fine on both. I've tried messing with the resolution swapping drivers around ( which made it worse, by causing the right monitor to also stop working and the left(main) monitor to drop to lower resolution) The strangest part is that the OS is seeing the monitor as working properly, as can be seen in the second picture(a screen shot), while what I am actually looking at is in the first. The two outside screens are connected via DVI to a GTX 580, while the middle is connected to a GTX 710 via HDMI. Any ideas anyone?