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August 19th, 2006, 09:16 PM
Hello everyone my name is Ronnie Whisler. After asking the forum administrators for permission to post this new thread. I thought I would help raise awareness of the importance of this community oriented auction site and explain why I feel it is well intended and needed by the open source community.

First I would like to explain why I felt the site was needed. I have noticed that there are many individuals and companies popping up around the world trying to sell computers with open source operating systems on them. Many individuals are selling older computers with open source operating systems on them. Most companies are selling new machines with open source operating systems. Their common bond is lack of advertising or funds to do so.

So why Fossystems? Why not ebay? Two big reasons.

The first reason of course is the fees. The fees at ebay are making it almost impossible for the individual trying to sell a computer or two. The fees are also cutting the profit margin of the vendor to almost nothing.

The second reason is ebay isn't interested in your specific product. Ebay is the walmart of auction sites. Trying to cater to everyone equally. That really doesn't help the open source system vendor and certainly doesn't help the individual with his sweet lil ol PC running Xubuntu. I felt a solution was needed to meet the needs of both the individual and the vendor.

Well whats the solution?

Simple. Community oriented auctions. Let me explain. If both the individual and the vendor has a unified place to sell their open source products thats good. But if that unified place is only targetting the open source market through its advertising efforts thats better. Now if that same site maintains itself through auctions sales thats great.

How does it maintain itself through auction sales?

Fossystems.com considers itself a community unified auction site since all revenue generated by auction sales is used for the promotion/advertising of all items listed.This community business model greatly helps open source system builders/creators big or small get the most advertising for their products. Unifying auction revenue promotes everyones efforts for selling/using free open source software systems. There is no fee to register or to list auction items, only a small 3 % fee when an item is sold.

Now everyone has an advertising budget and can play with the big boys. Even if you only have your sweet lil ol PC running Xubuntu.

You can visit Fossystems at http://www.fossystems.com

Please post any Feedback/Suggestions.