View Full Version : [ubuntu] How to get a different box cursor for a 3D CAD application

May 26th, 2018, 04:31 PM
In 2005, I purchased a license for a 3D CAD application - CYCAS. I still use it today on the latest 18LTS even though it no longer has any support. Great little 3D CAD app, BTW.

It uses a thin box cursor inside the app that is very hard to see, so I tried finding a theme or cursor that might replace it with a more visible one. Long story short, nothing I tried worked even though the various cursors did appear for other purposes/applications. For all I know, the app is drawing its own box cursor and nothing I do will ever make a difference.

I'm no theme/cursor expert. Normally I just use the default provided by an O/S install so I have very little knowledge about this topic. On the gnome-look.org site it appears that various "Cursor" offerings have different quantities of cursor shapes. I suspect that the box cursor the app uses may be a default that is not being replaced by my cursor choices via the Tweak tool as the ones I picked don't offer a proper replacement.

I'm looking for enlightenment on this topic. Does anyone know of a cursor shape family that might have a box cursor this app might use?