View Full Version : [ubuntu] Switching to U18 from more recent kernel 4.16.3?

April 28th, 2018, 03:53 PM
Hi all,
Here at home we are living on quite recent Tuxedo laptops with Ubuntu 16.04LTS (coming preinstalled), and obviously we couldn't but hear the annoucements around U18LTS.
But, not only all our applications are perfectly up to date (including the ones in the distro), but our kernels too are more recent than the one in 18LTS (being on 4.16.3).
While I wouldn't expect problems re-upgrading the kernels from U18 4.16.2 to 4.16.3, I fear trouble during the auto-upgrade processes.
Is there a risk that the 'kernel regression' involved in the process wreaks havoc?
Let me add that in spite of the seemingly wise text above, I am not a rocket scientist as concerns linux, and if the solution is to manipulate twenty commands with arcane modifiers, I, well, er...
Thank you!!