View Full Version : [ubuntu_studio] Disappointing Updates results studio 16.04 LTS 32 bit

April 22nd, 2018, 05:44 PM
I have noticed a steady deterioration in update of the ubuntu studio OS 16.04 in the past months. The cups printers keep getting messed up with updates, for one so much so that I have switched to using a windows workgroup shared printer and samba now. I was always trying to be patient and hoping a new update would solve the oversights, but alas smb became necessary.

When opening files in gedit I noticed a few updates back that I had lost the "open recent" files list was lost and likewise waited patiently for a correction to the update that never came. Is this an identified problem with a fix in the works?

The most recent item is the ubuntustudio 32 bit vers 16.04 clean installs works fine; however after the first complete update the audio devices all get lost and only the dummy output is available after a complete power down restart.

I did a complete format and clean install last evening and installed clementine audio player. All was well and audio played through speakers normally. I did the first major update, and it completed with no problems and no need for restart. I configured it all to work with my home LAN and it still worked fine. I then powered it down to move to it's normal desk location and on power up from a complete cold restart audio was gone and device listed was only a dummy output.

I had last week gone through hours and hours of tips from forums and google searches for solutions to this and ended up wiping the drive and starting from scratch only to wind up with the same identical problem. Hardware works fine when boot to windows; also works fine prior to the first OS update then it is gone.

Is this a problem that has been identified? Is there a fix in the works?

Is it possible to roll back all audio updates from the command line so that the audio device is restored? if so how/syntax?