View Full Version : [lubuntu] Im Loving 18.04!

April 17th, 2018, 07:19 PM
Hello Everyone,

A few months back, my old and trusty Toshiba laptop just wouldn't handle anymore updates to 16.04. Any attempt at updating or freshly installing 17.10 failed. I eventually upgraded the hard drive to an SSD, added the max memory (4GB) and installed Mint 18.3. Mint runs fine on it (very fast indeed), but I have been an Ubuntu user since 2006 and I missed it. I acquired a 2nd hand laptop with an i5 processor and I upgraded to 8GB memory. I figured I'd try one more time, this time with the final Beta of 18.04. Wow! Has it every changed (for the better). Unity is gone (I always hated it), Xorg is back and the whole system is clean and fresh. The default software is sensible (very little needless software.). After installing to the new SSD drive I installed, the system is blazing fast.

I had become so frustrated with Ubuntu that I didn't think I would use it again. I am so glad I did give it another chance. I am just as excited with this new version as I was the first time I tried Ubuntu in 2006.

These are just MY results, but for anyone considering 18.04 I hardily recommend it!