View Full Version : Ubuntu Intel i7-7600HQ integrated graphics not working properly on 17.10

April 16th, 2018, 02:15 PM
Notebook configuration:
Asus ROG G551VW
Intel Core i7-7600HQ
nVidia GeForce GTX960M

I know there has always been issues with the Linux kernel on this specific configuration. I have found lots of threads regarding boot problems and graphics performance issues, touchpad not working and so on. But none related to Intel's HD graphics driver which I have some problems with.

So, I only manged to install Ubuntu 17.10 on my machine in the following way:

Add 'nomodeset' parameter when booting from USB
Install Ubuntu
Boot it up, again using 'nomodeset'
Install nVidia proprietary drivers
Restart and boot without 'nomodeset' (booting process goes smooth from this point on)

The first thing I noticed after a few hours of use is that the processor stays at higher temperatures (about 3-5 degrees more) than in Windows 10.
After installing nVidia drivers I have the nvidia icon on the taskbar where I have the option to choose between nVidia or Intel's graphics (intel for power saving). I don't do gaming on Linux so I would like that power economy because my notebook stays on only for 30-40 minutes using the nVidia GPU. If I switch to Intel GPU the whole system becomes pretty unstable. It doesn't boot up everytime, when it boots up after a few minutes the fan starts spinning like crazy and I don't see any significant power saving. Is there some hope that I could solve this problems somehow and use Inte's GPU or should I just surrender and continue to use Windows until I'll buy another notebook?

Is there really a reason why this configuration is so buggy?

Also, Is there a way to solve that 'nomodeset' stuff? So I could boot linux from USB without using it?