View Full Version : Kubuntu 16.04 stalls while during boot phase

April 13th, 2018, 03:44 PM
Hello everyone,

Recently I rebooted my HP 15-bsO16dx laptop following the auto-installation of updates (one of which was probably a new kernel). The reboot stalls. I was able to disable the splash screen during reboot to see if I could analyse the issue, but I cannot see anything wrong; everything seems ok, but then the system just hangs. I have attached a pic of the status of what is transpiring during the boot phase.

Does anybody have any ideas how to recover from this snafu?

P.S. I have tried booting using a few of the older kernels still on my system, but in the end, the same result.

P.S.S. I am not sure why the pic is rotated 90-degrees counter clockwise, but I hope it is readable.