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August 17th, 2006, 05:47 AM
First off, I know this is the wrong place to post this sort of message, because it is not a testimonial to all things Ubuntu. Flame gently.

I went to LinuxWorld today in San Francisco, and I was very happy as I looked through the exhibitor list before then event opened to find Ubuntu was there. With not one, but TWO booths.


I sought them out pretty quickly, but still wandered and made my way through the exhibit hall. The first thing you see walking in is a huge Suse exhibit that they must have paid an arm and a leg for. They had no less than 4 seminar style demos going at all times, one with 20 laptops so you could follow along, and at least 20 more computers spread around their area talking about all the cool stuff you can do with Suse 10.

By comparision, here's what I found at the Ubuntu booths. The first one was staffed by two people, one of whom didn't know too much about linux in general, and who didn't seem to be that big of an Ubuntu fan considering she was working for them.

"Are you an Ubuntu user?" She asked me with absolutely no enthusiasm in her voice.

"I've been using it since Warty." I responded.


"I've been using it for about two years now." I said.

She handed me two Ubuntu-linux for human beings stickers and walked away.

I came by later and they had stocked a couple of displays with various Ubuntu CDs for free giveaway. There were a few people pulling CDs off of the 64-bit shelf. She would take them out of their hands and ask them if they knew they were taking the 64-bit edition. I took a Kubuntu CD (not taht I needed it) and walked off in search of Ubuntu booth number 2.

This was actually supposed to be a Canonical booth, but I couldn't see how exactly. This one had one guy sitting in a chair complaining that everyone had taken his CDs and all he had left was Edubuntu. He had an Ubuntu t-shirt on, and I asked if he had any for sale. He scoffed and said, "they're giveways, and they are gone too."

For the excellent support that Ubuntu provides, and the marketing thrust they seem to be making at Canonical, I expected more. Something about the server market, or the fact they are certified for Sun, or maybe just a few geeks like me who actually use and enjoy Ubuntu as much as I do.

The Gnome guys were way more enthusiastic about Ubuntu than the Ubuntu people were.

Maybe next time.

August 17th, 2006, 05:50 AM
Weak man....