View Full Version : [ubuntu] 17.10 Xorg: Gnome Shell lags every few seconds

The Bright Side
November 25th, 2017, 01:30 AM
Hey community! Is anybody else experiencing regular lags? On my PC, every 5-10 seconds, the UI lags for about a quarter of a second. I notice it when watching movies in Netflix or on YouTube in Chrome or Firefox, when typing stuff (like this right now), when scrolling in browsers or on Thunderbird.

Oddly, when playing videos in VLC or SMPlayer, they seem fine.

This started a week or so ago, about the same time that Gnome Shell started randomly freezing completely when I had Opera running. Uninstalled Opera and switched to Firefox, that's when I started really noticing the lags/hiccups. Thought it was Firefox at first, but then I realized they seem to happen system-wide.

Tried uninstalling NVidia drivers and re-installing another version. No dice.

Not really sure what do to. I'm not in the mood to reinstall this OS, so.... Help! :-(

Has this happened to any of you guys?