View Full Version : Upgrade from Ubuntu 17.04 to 17.10

November 4th, 2017, 05:33 AM
Hi Community,

I am newbie to Ubuntu. Recently, I did in-place upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10 via System Updates. All looked till i spun up vmware workstation. After running couple of VMs, i found that screen of vmware workstation ver 12.5.7 build-5813279 goes black and white and physical CPU roars. Upon checking , i found that ntfs.mount process is hogging 100% CPU. It takes heaps of seconds to resume control.
It only happened after in-place upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10.
Now, i reverted the version back to 17.04 via a clean install.

Is it a bug in 17.10 that hogs CPU utilization and takes away complete control?

Last and the least, my existing 17.04 Wifi does not connect to Corporate WLAN . However, it does get IP address. Our corporate WLAN has EULA via webpage that we accept but it does not appear. Conversely, same works via Wi-fi at home.
I have Zbook 15 with 32GB of RAM and Core i7.

Aleem Uddin