View Full Version : Can't boot on my USB key containing Ubuntu?

October 10th, 2017, 08:15 AM

I installed an ISO file into a USB key with Rufus Windows.

But I can't boot on the USB key with my computer.

It just isn’t detected from my computer when booting.

And we can’t start the installation from Windows via “This PC” as well just like you could do with a USB with Windows 10 in it...

What's the best way to fix that?
I'd like to first have a try. So boot from the USB to try out Ubuntu.

My computer has only Windows 10 currently.

I'd love to have the choice between Windows 10 and Ubuntu while restarting the computer?

It's a SSD 120gb (not hard drive) so I guess no need to do a defragmentation... why every tutorials are SO old and bad that they don't include any info about this?


October 10th, 2017, 11:44 AM
As you have Windows 10 and an SSD I will presume your computer is very new and using UEFI, not the legacy BIOS.

There will be a keypress which you can use at power-on which should offer you the option of which device to boot from, often F2, F8, F11 etc etc but it varies with hardware.
Have a good look through the manual for the computer or motherboard you have, or search online if you can not find it.

A menu should appear with a list of devices available to boot from, and from that there will probably be a UEFI-USB shown which you can choose.