View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dual boot xps 13 9350 issues

September 18th, 2017, 03:19 AM
So I've been trying to get a ubuntu install going alongside windows on my xps. I'll list out what I have done so far then get to current issue.

Disabled secure boot
Checked ACHI mode not RAID
Created a ubuntu live HDD
Boot to ubuntu live with UEFI not bios mode
Open with 'try ubuntu before installing"
terminal > sudo umount -l -r -f /cdrom (I was getting an error about it not being able to unmount this was the only way to get the install to work)
Install Ubuntu, check install alongside Windows
Install completes asks to reboot system

Ok so now if I check the boot sequence in bios I can see that it's added a new record for grub, when I try and boot the computer to this I get a grub screen with the following message:
"minimal bash-like line editing is supported...."

Then it just says "grub>" you can press tab and it gives you a bunch of commands available, for example I can try 'boot' and it tells me there is no kernal.
I used the following guide to run boot repair https://itsfoss.com/fix-minimal-bash-line-editing-supported-grub-error-linux/ and rebooted, I still have the exact same issue.

Edit: If I boot with the ubuntu live usb drive in place my ubuntu seems to work, does this mean my ubuntu is somehow installed on the wrong drive?

Edit2: Ubuntu was in fact installed on the external drive in it's free space, I guess the install alongside windows option isn't smart enough to choose the internal drive. Am now reinstalling with manually created partitions on the internal drive.

Edit3: Reinstall seems to be working now. I used this guide to make the manual partitions for anyone discovering this post in the future: https://askubuntu.com/questions/343268/how-to-use-manual-partitioning-during-installation/343370