View Full Version : [SOLVED] Autostart TeamViewer and reduce to tray icon with Kdocker

August 30th, 2017, 02:07 PM
If you see this thread (https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2213726) I created back in 2014, I solved the "TeamViewer autostart docked" problem using Kdocker. However, recently this stopped working as it should. TeamViewer would start but would stay onscreen instead of being docked. I can't say since when but every *ubuntu install I have done for a while, TeamViewer has continued to autostart but has NOT been docked like it was before, and some users find it disconcerting to have this app always show in the centre of their screen on startup. I finally found the solution which was, as often is the case, dead simple.

I'll recap from the beginning so new users won't have to switch between posts:

Install TeamViewer (I have a deb file for TeamViewer8 on my USB key)
In your file manager, go to /usr/share/applications and Rt-click > Copy on Teamviewer
In your file manager, go to ~/.config/autostart (create the folder if it doesn't exist) and inside this, Rt-click > Paste, putting the TeamViewer icon in the autostart folder
Now open:
(Xubuntu) Settings manager > System > Session & Startup > Application Autostart
(Lubuntu) Preferences > Default Apps > Autostart
and, if it isn't already, tick the TeamViewer entry
Install Kdocker

sudo apt-get install kdocker
Now open
(Xubuntu) Settings manager > System > Session & Startup > Application Autostart
(Lubuntu) Preferences > Default Apps > Autostart
Add the following custom StartUp command:

kdocker -n TeamViewer -i /opt/teamviewer8/tv_bin/desktop/teamviewer.png -d 40 /usr/bin/teamviewer &
Close and restart the PC to verify it's working:


That's all there is to it. The "error" was that in my previous installs I always had

kdocker -n Teamviewer -i /opt/teamview...
and not

kdocker -n TeamViewer -i /opt/teamview...
I spotted, using wmctrl -l, that the window is called TeamViewer and not Teamviewer as previously. Maybe it changed because of an updated TeamViewer install file I use (TeamViewer 8), who knows, but anyway, the V of TeamViewer changed to uppercase and whereas this is usually immaterial in Windows, in Linux case is king.

Kdocker key
-n = Name of window (this was where I saw the error once I ran wmctrl)
-i = the icon file to use
-d = an nn second limit after which Kdocker will give up of it can't find a matching window