View Full Version : Lubuntu 17.04 Live CD Fails Load Desktop GUI stops at TTY Login

August 14th, 2017, 12:08 PM
I am trying to install Lubuntu (32 bit) on an old laptop,

Compaq Pressario CQ45 - Celeron B820 processor, 2GB Memory, Intel Graphics, the laptop does not have a hard drive currently.

I have created a Live CD from the Lubuntu 17.04- Desktop-i386-ISO and using this disc have tested successfully and installed Lubuntu on an old Pentium 4 PC with limited memory.

On the laptop the Live CD starts to load, you get to select the language, followed by the Lubuntu splash screen, and it goes away to do its thing slowly from the DVD. After a longish time it stops accessing the DVD drive and the screen goes black, in the top left hand corner you get two short lines of text effectively telling you that this is the Lubuntu 17.04 TTY, and a second line asking for a user name. After entering a Username you are asked for a password. I have tried user names and passwords suggested for similar issues without success. After a very short time the screen goes black. There are no error messages.