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August 5th, 2017, 08:44 AM
Hi Forum Friends,

I've just been playing around with Snappy (aka ubuntu core) because of a robotics project I'm working on with a friend. We were really inspired by this blog:


since snaps allow us to package our product and deploy across across millions of cross-platform devices. Its been around for almost two years now but I'm finding it difficult to use without the flexibility of apt. I cant find any snaps with the tools I need, e.g. wget, others

For e.g. we want to test if snappy on a Raspberry Pi can support a specific i2c device over the GPIO header but there's no i2c-tools snap. Maybe this is an extreme example, but what's the communities thoughts on the developer friendliness of snaps vs production benefits specifically on embedded arm boards

August 5th, 2017, 08:19 PM
Have you had a look at:


August 8th, 2017, 11:18 PM
For the moment you have to work with "trial and error" ...

This project is still very young and there are changes and improvements on every day -- also there is no written documentation and you have to look for information in many different places right now.

I just created a plain timer snap (ttimer (https://dashboard.snapcraft.io/dev/snaps/8079/)) and it has still some issues because of missing instructions or buggy code in the core and interfaces -- e.g. the connection to a web browser (the info button of the ttimer app) is a known bug they are working on already.

-- have a try ! -----------
...:~$ sudo snap install ttimer