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July 1st, 2017, 08:30 AM
Amuse me please. Just wondering if this should work. Device Boot Start End Sectors Size Id Type
/dev/sda1 * 2048 1936828415 1936826368 923.6G 83 Linux
/dev/sda2 1936830462 1953523711 16693250 8G 5 Extended
/dev/sda5 1936830464 1953523711 16693248 8G 82 Linux swap / Solaris

I want to reinstall windows, and instead of getting rid of grub, and fixing mbr. Could I just not open gparted, and umount /dev/sda1 , and then delete partition, then convert free space to ntfs, and throw in windows installation cd.

July 1st, 2017, 04:34 PM
Windows would not need the extended or swap partitions, so that space is wasted, and when you remove sda1, grub looses all its files, so no.

July 1st, 2017, 08:18 PM
Indeed, if you want to remove Ubuntu/linux from the sda1 partition, then you'd be better off simply clearing the whole disk, and leave it as unallocated.
Windows will see the disk as empty and set up the partitioning it needs properly.

(If you wanted to just resize Ubuntu/linux and leave space for Windows, then that would be a whole nother thing.)

July 2nd, 2017, 12:40 AM
You could try lubuntu on that machine if performance of Ubuntu is a problem.

July 2nd, 2017, 05:43 AM
Thanks for all your input.