View Full Version : Strange differences at new installations on Acer ES1-331 laptops

May 29th, 2017, 09:12 PM
I installed first time Ubuntu 16.04 May 2016 on an Acer ES1-331-C0YK.
Fan did not work and the left and right arrow did not change screen brightness.

This changed with the update from November 2016

I installed Ubuntu 16.04 November 2016 on an Acer ES1-331-P498.
Same symptoms just after the installation, until I made the first update.

Today arrived 2 notebooks from Ebay sellers for the rest of my family. An other ES1-331-C0YK and an ES1-331-C6S6.
I installed first with the 16.04 boot stick both. After restart, they wanted 4 updates each. WIFI worked.
After the update, I restarted both. The ES1-331-C0YK showed only a blue screen, the ES1-331-C6S6 had no WIFI.

So I downloaded 16.04.2 and created a new USB boot stick and installed a second time both.
After installation, one required 15 and the other 17 updates.

Now what's strange:

Fan does not work and the left and right arrow do not change screen brightness.
Just like my first 2 Acer before the November 2016 update.

An other strange difference is at "Golden Dictionary". As soon as I open the Golden Dictionary Window, one CPU is used 100%.
At my old from May 2016, this does not happen.

The only other difference in installation:

Both Acer from 2016 hab been installed in UEFI modus.
Both Acer from now had been installed in Legacy modus to avoid setting a BIOS password, which is forced in UEFI modusl

BTW: This laptops have a fan, but can be used without fan. Psensor showed never above 77 degree Celsius at a CPU, 90 allowed.
The ES1-C6S6 was a 2 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC with Win 10 (just 97 EUR at Ebay)
I changed from 2 GB to 4 GB, had the RAM from last year as I upgraded my to 8 GB.
There is a bay for a 7 mm HDD. There are 2 rubber blocks to block insertion of a HDD, but this 2 rubber blocks can be easy removed.

Now my family is 100% on Ubuntu

May 30th, 2017, 06:23 AM
I remember now, the 100% of one CPU problem at Golden dictionary had been also last year at my first Ubuntu 16.04 installation. Seems it disappeared at the November 2016 update.
So there are 3 indicators, that the installation on 2 Acer ES1-331 series notebooks yesterday have not this November 2016 update.

Any way to manual update? Software tells, it's all actual.