View Full Version : [SOLVED] Installing Lubuntu LTS on HP Stream 11 32GB/4GB/N3060

February 28th, 2017, 04:57 PM

I just have decided to install Lubuntu 16.04 LTS as a sole OS on my brand new HP Stream 11 32GB eMMC, 4GB RAM, Intel N3060.

What are the problems I can expect to find during and after the installation?

Thank you

February 28th, 2017, 05:56 PM
I found a problem in trying Lubuntu from the USB stick. It doesnt read the 64GB micro SD card. The error message is the following:

Error mounting /dev/mmcblk1p1 at /media/lubuntu/0123-4567: Command-line `mount -t "exfat" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=999,gid=999,iocha rset=utf8,namecase=0,errors=remount-ro,umask=0077" "/dev/mmcblk1p1" "/media/lubuntu/0123-4567"' exited with non-zero exit status 32: mount: unknown filesystem type 'exfat'

How can I fix it?

February 28th, 2017, 06:09 PM
Another problem: I tried my scanner. Lubuntu failed to install the drivers. Any idea why?

March 1st, 2017, 12:16 AM
I installed Ubuntu, Everything seems to be working. No problems.

Bucky Ball
March 1st, 2017, 03:01 AM
Good news. Please see 'Thread Tools' at top right of page and mark thread as 'solved' to help others. ;)

Good luck. (I have HP Stream 11 with Xubuntu 16.04 LTS running faultlessly. :))