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February 13th, 2017, 12:46 PM
I have installed ubunto 16.04 LTS on a panel PC and I am trying to get the touchscreen working. The panel PC is of the type iei afl-12A-BT. As far as I know there are no linux drivers released by iei for this panel PC, there are only windows drivers. I am not seeing the touchscreen listed in the USB devices so I guess it has a serial connection. But I cannot follow any tutorials because I am missing packages

I tried following tutorial: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touchscreen but when I type screen /dev/ttyS0 I get the message that the program 'screen' is currently not installed. So I try to install it, typing 'apt install screen' and I get a "E: unable to locate package".

I googled my butt of but I cannot find any method to install a package without using special app programs. My panel PC does not have and will not ever have an internet connection, so I cannot use any app store program.

On the USB stick with the ISO image I have found the folder Xenial of which I believe contains packages. But I cannot navigate in this miserable ubuntu UI. With that I mean I cannot see any drive names, like the CLI told me that it could not find a package in E: is for me useless information because I do not know which folder E: is. And same story applies to my USB stick. I can see it, I can click on it, I can open the files. But I do not see a drive name attached to it like in windows, when you get a removable drive H:

How do I get the right packages from USB stick to the right folder?

February 13th, 2017, 01:06 PM
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