View Full Version : [ubuntu_mate] screen rotation on MATE on a Lenovo Yoga

January 24th, 2017, 12:31 AM
I have tinkered with various desktop environments and strangely, MATE seems to be easiest for me to navigate on my Lenovo yoga. I like the on-screen keyboard and it seems to work fairly smoothly. The only catch I have now is how to rotate the screen and have things still work right. When I flip my keyboard back and turn the system sideways like a tablet, MATE doesn't seem to understand that it needs to rotate. In the past, I had been told to use xrandr but when I try xrandr commands, it does indeed rotate but touch gets completely off. It's as though touch is inverted or something. The mouse doesn't go where my finger is.

Are there any other ways of getting screen rotation to work? Ideally, if the sensor could do it that'd be perfect but having a command that I could create a shortcut to would also be nice. (I'd probably use xinput to kill the touchpad in the process. It knows not to use the keyboard when folded into tablet mode but it doesn't know that it should ignore the touchpad too).

Other than rotation, I've had a surprisingly pleasant touch experience on MATE thus far. Gnome3's "pretty" UI stuff seemed to get in the way. Gnome3 classic mode was better. Unity... well I'm just note fond of it and, as much as I love it on a non-touch device, KDE seems really awkward on touch. Too many fiddly sub-menus.