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January 9th, 2017, 02:06 AM
Is 16.04 supported by WebEx? ALL I NEED IS PLAYBACK. From reading a 2014 post I understand WebEX did not support any UBUNTU version beyond 11. Is that still true? When trying to load the plugin - I actually got to the room on firefox, but then it error'd out suggesting support for other products such as APPLE, but they didn't specify UBUNTU. There was an address for "OPEN-SOURCE". I sent them an e-mail. Has anybody heard anything about support for UBUNTU?

this is the first message I get:

When a security message appears, click Yes to continue setting up WebEx Meeting Manager.
If a security message does not appear or you clicked No, because you want to set up Meeting Manager at a later time, download the installer. (https://investools-events.webex.com/cmp3000/webcomponents/jsp/docshow/installclient.jsp?siteurl=investools-events) Then start to manually install Meeting Manager.
Note: Windows 2000 requires administrator privileges for installation.

Then when I select "download the installer" I get this result:

Recorder and Players
WebEx offers a variety of recorders and players that you can use to record, play, and edit events.To download and learn more about players or the editor, see the Recording and Playback (https://investools-events.webex.com/ec3000/eventcenter/support/supportLogin.do?siteurl=investools-events&actiontype=recordplay)page. Then when I select "Recording and Playback" I just takes me back full circle to the first message.

January 9th, 2017, 07:03 AM
I'm sorry, but Cisco® WebEx® requires the outdated Oracle® Java® Runtime Environment Release 6, which as of 2017 can no longer be considered secure. From the official system requirements page (http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/collaboration/meeting_center/wbs2911/Meeting-Center-Release-Notes/Meeting-Center-Release-Notes_chapter_010.html) for the Meeting Center software at Cisco Systems, the last supported LinUX distros were Red Hat® Enterprise™ 6; Fedora™ 16; openSuSE® 11.4; and ubuntu® 11.10. Still need to investigate whether Cisco supports WebEx Meeting Center under Microsorft® Windows® 10 Build 1607 10.0.14393.nnn (it was known supported in Win 8.1 Build 9652 6.3.9652.nnn).

January 9th, 2017, 10:57 PM
BCSCHmerker, Thanks for the speedy reply! If it turns out webex does support window 10 build 1607, shat would be my next step? Wwould I then load that OS as a VBOX under UBUNTU?

January 10th, 2017, 12:45 AM
WebEx works in 14.04 (haven't tried it in 16.04 yet), but WebEx is 32 bit only. So rather than trying to set up 32-bit Firefox and 32-bit Java (works with Oracle Java 8) as alternates in a 64-bit system, I ran 32-bit Ubuntu 14.04 in virtualbox. The audio is sometimes garbled initially, but eventually straightens out. Although, I bought a low end quad-core Pentium laptop for someone who then decided they do not have the money for it right now. So lately I have been using Win 10 on the laptop for WebEx. I did download 32-bit 16.04.1 to possibly use on an old PC, so I may try WebEx on that later to see how it works.

PS: I just ran WebEx in 32-bit 16.04.1 in virtualbox using Oracle Java 8 and Firefox and it seems to work great now with no audio glitches, so far, watching a recording (no live sessions available at the moment). At first I was hunting all over looking for where I could download WebEx and could not find it. So I went to the WebEx meeting test, I had to allow Java to run and let it do its thing, which installed WebEx. Then I headed over to where I could try a recorded WebEx. I will check it out with live meetings tomorrow.

PPS: I attended a live WebEx session using 32-bit 16.04.1 in vbox with 64-bit 16.10 host (previous test of recording was vbox in 64-bit 14.04 host). And that worked as good as ever for the Linux version. The only concession for Linux WebEx (besides being 32-bit) is that I am not sure if there is way to bring up the text chat while watching a shared desktop. So if full screen, you have to go back to the main page and can select either the Java icon in Unity for Cisco WebEx Event Center (for chat), or the blue & green globe for the Shared Desktop (unless you can drag one of those to another screen).