View Full Version : The best web development setup

August 11th, 2006, 09:44 PM
I am starting up development of a web (php) project together with a few friends. I figured since we would all be doing a lot of work, a cvs og svn repo would be good. I have now set up the repo and it works fine, the only problem is that i do not know how and where to place our "work in progress copies"..

There are probably a lot of ppl out there with experience on this, therefore im asking you:

Where do i place my working copy? When i work on the application, it will need to be somewhere on the server itself, i cant run it locally because of db connections. I thought i'd do something like this: check out the repo to a location on the server, work on it there, and then update back. Then when everything is good i can check out the repo to the location of the "main webserver". Is this a smart way to it?

Another question, since I cant run my working copy locally, I'd need an editor that supports file editing over SSH, SFTP or something like that. Any suggestions for an IDE? I really like eclipse, but i havent figured out how to set it up for something like this.

Any input would be greatly appreceated!
Thank you.