View Full Version : Troubleshooting (problem resolution) Suggestion

August 11th, 2006, 03:28 PM
Hi, I've spent a little time at the forums now and I think I sincrely admire and am very pleased with Ubuntu. I still check out other distro releases but so much of what Ubuntu's developers and community does works that's it hard to imagine that I'll go away. i.e. you're stuck with me :p
I was discussing the help forums here with a friend and I thought of automotive troubleshooting charts in maintence manuals.
My friend, a highly educated woman, said "you mean a decision tree".
Yeah a decison tree. Perhaps this has been suggested before or there's some reason that no one wants it?
Why wouldn't something like that be a good idea?
Here's the set up; someone comes here for help and the 1st help page has something like
Having problems? Can you install, Y/n? After that selection you get another page to be in based on your response to the 1st question. And so on and so on.... I think you get the idea.
A lot of the resolutions to problems are here at the site. In my mind this method would just help get people pointed to the official answers quicker. I don't know if that would diminish the need for paid support. There would still be community just not as much redundency. (I'm probably going to get myself in trouble here somehow-but it's just a thought) :)