View Full Version : Installing Ubuntu on My Laptop

October 26th, 2016, 08:10 PM
Hi guys :)

I need your help in installing ubuntu on my new machine. So this is the general gist of why i have come here even though ive installed ubuntu many times before in the past.
I have a new laptop and installing windows on my ssd was a pain for some reason, i do not want to lose any data or have any complications since i use my laptop for university work everyday.

I want to install ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my SSD. I have a SSD with windows 10 installed on it and a second HDD that i store other things in.
My questions is, what shall i do? Shall i make a partition on my SSD or what?
Note: I want to use ubuntu to practice some networking, im taking a course called Data communications and Networking and we use ubuntu in the lab to practice commands, its fairly easy but i havent
used ubuntu in forever and would also like to customize my ubuntu computer in addition to working on it.

I also want to keep windows boot loader and not grub. Do you guys recommend me taking grub? The reason i dont want grub is because when you uninstall ubuntu because of anything, then you have to use a
windows live usb to fix the boot loader.

Any suggestions are welcome :)