View Full Version : CC-licensed horror novel WIP - request for comments

August 9th, 2006, 03:59 PM
As I mentioned in the blog thread, I'm working on a CC-licensed horror novel (written using LaTeX, Kile and other FOSS tools). However, seeing that my native language isn't English, I thought I could ask for some feedback here (and yes, sometimes a little more visibility doesn't hurt 8P).
I'd rate it PG-13, so if the moderators feel it doesn't belong here, feel free to move it to the Backyard.

It's available Here (PDF format) (http://www.dennogumi.org/steal/steal.pdf)

Some "bugs":

- Not finished yet (I'm writing it as we speak)
- The artwork included can be pixelated (until I obtain from the artist the paper originals and scan them at high resolution)
- Probably some linguistic imprecisions

That's all.