View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dropped to busybox/initramfs prompt during boot

June 15th, 2016, 12:29 AM
Says that it "Can't find the root device" and lists the UUID which I've verified is the correct one through the boot-rescue-disk DVD tool by running blkid. I tried adjusting the root device timout to longer with no effect. This happened when one of the machines at work refused to POST so I swapped the disk into the new computer and it passed post but I get dropped to a busybox/initramfs prompt every time. The disk is still mountable and readable so I'm sure the disk itself is fine.

https://paste.ubuntu.com/17344145/ for full details of the various commands the boot-rescue-disk dvd ran for me after I reinstalled grub.

EDIT: I have tried changing /mnt/fstab to boot via /dev/sda1 instead of by UUID with no difference to the error message.

Anyone have any ideas?