View Full Version : [SOLVED] Ubuntu 16.04 za.archive upgrade error

April 26th, 2016, 01:09 PM
I have a local upgrade error to 16.04 that terminated the upgrade process from version 15.10 4.2.0-35-generic Mar 15 22:15:45 x86_64, Wily Werewolf

A "Not Found [IP: 80]" error on the za.archive.ubuntu.com domain I seem to have not resolved by including the corresponding uk.archive.ubuntu.com domain for xenial universe. I now also have Connection failed [IP: 80]

I saw errors on http://za.archive.ubuntu.com for xenial/universe Sources
i.e. for:
- > Error during update

- > W:Failed to fetch
- > http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial/universe/binary-amd64/Packages/
- > 404 Not Found []
I found that I can find Packages.gz and Packages.xz at these locations. (Just not unpacked)

And similarly for
there are actually Packages.gz and Packages.xz

And similarly for
there are actually Sources.gz and Sources.xz

[New edit]
Despite above, the latest attempt has proceeded without a hitch.
- i.e. Resolved.:)