View Full Version : Skype & Pidgin grinding desktop load to a halt

April 4th, 2016, 09:35 AM
I'm having problems getting Skype and Pidgin to load on start (gnome desktop/Wiley), I get errors regarding Pidgin, and a few other services which fail afterwards (they dont fail when i remove Skype and Pidgin from startup), and the desktop takes upto 6 minutes to load (usually boot to desktop in a matter of seconds)

I'm guessing that because I have Skype integration, Pidgin cannot connect to skype and falls over (because for some reason Skype doesnt have any option to save my password and automatically log in - Pidgin also grinds to a halt if Skype isnt loaded and logged in before I start it)

does anyone have a solution for this? not sure why i cant leave Skype logged in as I do with my windows account; I think thats the problem, so not strictly an Ubuntu issue i guess...but if anyone has a good solution I'd love to know

(have run numerous searches, but the combination of Skype and Pidgin just brings up lots and lots of unrelated threads/articles)

April 15th, 2016, 09:46 AM
reinstalled Skype, can now auto-login - however, Pidgin still breaks and causes Ubuntu desktop to grind to a halt (grey screen) if its added to the startup, until eventually it loads (90-120seconds)