View Full Version : Boot Hangs: Latest Ubuntu Updates (12.04) Boot-Info Report Fix?

March 16th, 2016, 06:58 PM

Love Ubuntu, been running pretty much error free for over 3 years now on 12.04 LTS on an Asus eePC (1mb ram).

* I always run a Asus supplied backport makefile for the WiFI adapter to be recognized after each Linux image update *

The latest Ubuntu update, containing a new Linux generic image & security patches, causes my Asus laptop to hang on the subsequent reboot.

* I was receiving multiple repeating error messages of the same exact type: "...timeout: killing /sbin/modprobe -vb"

I then did a hard reset & rebooted using an earlier version & installed Boot-Repair after reading thru the forums.

The boot-info report suggests I run a default repair.

* http://paste.ubuntu.com/15402744/plain/

Before running the Boot-Repair default repair, has there been any known Asus WiFi card adapter driver mismatch issues that would not
be recognized by the repair utility?

Alternatively, would it be recommended to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04?

Please advise.