View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installation bug when using two disks on 15.10?

March 7th, 2016, 06:49 AM
Hi, I have an HP 6970b laptop. It came with a disk with Windows 7 (which would be /dev/sda).

I decided to use Ubuntu to experiment with VMs. I installed a second disk in the machine in place of the DVD (which is /dev/sdb). I then downloaded Ubuntu 15.10, got it on a USB stick, rebooted the machine off the USB stick, and pointed the installation at the new drive (/dev/sdb). Installation seemed to go well and I could boot Ubuntu without any issue.

However... I noted very briefly during the install that GRUB was installed on /dev/sda. I never saw any option to not let that happen. The upshot is that my Windows 7, which was on a physically separate disk, is trashed now, unbootable. I am going to pull the disk and see if I can mount it via USB on another windows machine.

I think this is a bug in Ubuntu. When I pointed it at /dev/sdb, it should not have written anything to /dev/sda. Did I miss a configuration setting? Is this something UEFI related?

I have dual-booted numerous machines, and I remember that I would always install Linux SECOND since Windows always trashed any previous Linux install. I think this is first time Linux has trashed an existing OS.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Cheers, Bill