View Full Version : ubuntu 15.10 shutdown & turn off does not work at all - freezing 100 %

March 5th, 2016, 02:41 PM
hello dear community,

new to this forums - and pretty new to ubuntu too.

just installed ubuntu version 15.10 on my new HP Notebook - see the signature...

But i recognized that the shutdown-process does not work at all. The notebook does not shut down properly. In other words - i cannot turn off the sytem ....

it freezes all.

by the way; this also happened with

- openSuse Leap 42.1
- OpenSuse tumbleweed - with Kernel

funny: only with OpenSuse 13.2 it worked well?!

why is this so - does this have to do with the different Kernel-Versions?

love to hear from you