View Full Version : Black Screen on laptop on boot

March 5th, 2016, 05:54 AM
Hey all

I have a windows 10 laptop without a removable battery that i tried to install xubuntu 15.10 on. I did some messy partitioning and made some changes so i could install the os on a uefi board. In the end i successfully installed the os.

Now the problem occurs when i restart the system. It loads GRUB and i see an option for windows boot loader instead of windows 10. I note this as odd but select that option anyway. As it loads it has a sadface and says and that windows experienced an error. I couldnt catch the exact error code.

When I restarted the lappy i no longer get my ASUS motherboard screen. I plugged in a hdmi and booted it and got nothing. Not sure what to do at this point as i have no interface and the common solution google involves pulling out the battery. Also doubt that those people installed linux on their system.

I guess i could have bricked it by changing secure boot, csm, legacy usb, and other thing settings required to boot the usb. Or maybe it was the partitioning, but i just shrunk paritions and only touched empty ones. I left some free space but it shouldnt make a difference.

This is just about all i remember. I am not sure what i can do at this point. Is there any way for me to fix this in these conditions. I hope to get a fix for this soon as i really need to get some work done this weekend. Any help will be appreciated.