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February 21st, 2016, 12:27 PM
since a while i'm trying to get quite a good working kubuntu tablet.

with kwin tiling and some kde-plasma5 adjustement it's getting there now.
the most important part is still missing -> Multi touch gestures

until Now i tried:
Easystroke, xswipe, touchegg, Ginn

easystroke is not multitouch supporting, but a nice thing, but cant be used paralle to other gesture software.

xswipe is quite limited, does not support pinch and rotate.

Ginn is working but horrible to configure trouch the config file and the result is not worth the effort in my experience

Tochegg together with the compileable touchegg-gce is easy to configure, but the multitouch abilities are not very satisifying, pinche sometimes get interpreted as swipes of rotates and opposite way,.....tochegg is also not always sure about the amount of finger on the touchscreen and so not realy a reliable and daily use multitouch support.

Most of those projects endes devolpement in 2011 where the multitouch aera just started, so i cant believe that there was not anything else goin on since then, i might just not find it.

Does anyone know about some new or at least improved multi touch gesture developements ?

Thanks in advance

February 21st, 2016, 12:46 PM
And wait,
Ginn is advertising

> Ginn Information
> Ginn is a deamon with jinn-like wish-granting capabilities: it gives applications the ability to support a subset of multi-touch gestures without having to integrate GEIS or multi-touch-enabled GTK/Qt libraries.
> "GINN" is a backronym standing for "Gesture Injector: No-GEIS, No-Toolkits" Smile :-)
> Multitouch/Ginn (last edited 2012-06-14 19:16:56 by chasedouglas)

is that sill impoirtant or good nowadays or did multitouch concept in linux anyway changed in the last four years
So, does GEIS an the other stuff still play a role today?