View Full Version : Can't login to fresh Kubuntu installation - login screen loop

February 15th, 2016, 02:27 AM
I get all the way through installation, but when I get the login screen I type in my password, it goes to a black screen like it's about to boot to desktop, then it loops back to the login screen. After multiple reinstalls I decided to try to boot into the "Try Kubuntu before you install" option, but the same thing happened on the Liveuser account that is not supposed to have a password at all.

What I've tried so far
I've tried 2 different USBs, 2 different computers to create the bootable usb, 4 new downloads of the official ISO, and 6+ attempts at installing.
Here are all the things I have tried:

- making sure caps lock is off when I create my account at login
- installing the newest nvidia drivers via cmd line at login
- apt-get update
- clicking the "no password required" option at install to bypass the login screen altogether
- pretty much every single thing on the first page of Google results for this issue

Is there anything else you can recommend? I've spent far too long on trying to get this to work to give up now