View Full Version : Creat GUI (Glade) with input ,through existing code script (Python)

February 9th, 2016, 05:19 AM
Hello, I'm newbie on GTK. and glade , here I would like to creaet some gui for python script I have, but I have a problem for understanding the signal handler and how to combine this existing script and the new one for .glade to be running.. the GUI concept I would to create is , it has several input text, and at some certain input text it would run certain process while clicked the button with input defined (1,14, or 24), the output would displayed on other text script. here I attach the .py file and .glade pic (the py file still doesn't have any connection with glade file). here unpacker file which i use to combine between nmea.py to display AIVDM sentence. (the unpacker file actually based c code), and the nmea.py only give output bits stream. Is anyone would help to direct me what should I do, I'll be so grateful. anyway thanks to read, wait for answer. regards. Bagus