View Full Version : Shift BitCoin Visa

November 26th, 2015, 02:38 AM

I have a CoinBase account; and they have recently offered the "Shift" BitCoin Visa debitcard. I have applied for one; and have read the terms and conditions. The use of this card is completely un-anonymous; which destroys one of the principal benefits of using BitCoin in the first place. I think this will be ok, in the short-term; but I absolutely want to move to complete anonymity and security with this currency. I want to be able to carry a BitCoin wallet on my person; but Smartphones seem a little too delicate for regular use. I've read about a BitCoin "safe" called the TREZORhttp://www.bitcointrezor.com/; but I'm not sure how convenient it really is. Has anyone actually used one of these and can comment on the features, capabilities and limitations:confused:

Thanks, Hannibal