View Full Version : Shorter-hand Skype support?

October 27th, 2015, 08:44 AM
Hi. I know it probably may sound stupid. Still, I feel like it's worth asking.

Are there any of you, who like Ubuntu so much, and would like to introduce people into Linux environment so badly. They could add me on Skype so I could drop them questions pretty often (about 5 a day)?

I was using Windows since pretty much I was small, after so many versions, I got introduced to Ubuntu. Operating system runs way faster and has way clearer fonts, also knowing you're having 128kB space on your ext4 is a good thing.

The clue is, I know a lot about Windows. File system, security, good/bad habits, how-to's etc.
But I know almost nothing about Linux. I know how to click left and right mouse button like everybody.
But I'd like to learn how it works, not by reading a tutorial, but by someone actually willing to explain.
It's like comparing it to reading the tutorial, instead of having it explained and told by a friend.

Is someone willing to participate?

October 27th, 2015, 12:22 PM
Hi, Webkit.

I'm no expert (only been using it for about 18 months!), but I've been using it pretty much full-time ever since. I might be able to help out with a few bits'n'bobs. PM me if you want to discuss this a wee bit further. Up to you. Time zones may be the kicker.

Mike. ;)