View Full Version : [ubuntu] Permissions and login denied after upgrade to Ubuntu 15.10 from 15.04

October 23rd, 2015, 03:51 PM
Dear All,

I am a relative new Ubuntu user (6 months) using Ubuntu 15.04. I have been very impressed by its user friendliness, with such things as the Software Centre and Software Updater. However, today I was offered an upgrade to 15.10, and I thought why not? So I backed up Ubuntu 15.04 and installed Ubuntu 15.10. After a couple of hours I was prompted to reboot and everything looked fine, although a message came up saying I needed to enable my permissions on the file manager.

I opened the file manager and attempted to enable permissions for my account (there were no permissions enabled for anyone). Unfortunately, I was unable to alter the permissions in the file manager as I had no permission! This problem not only affected access to my files and folders, but many programs would not run due to no authorization.

To make matters worse, when I rebooted again, I was presented with a login box, which I have never requested or used. I thought no problem, I know my security password for the system, and entered it. The password was rejected as incorrect which completely threw me as it is the only password I have used on Ubuntu.

Fortunately, I was able to reinstall Ubuntu 15.04, but it was a very nervous process, as I imagined that it would not boot as the boot manager had had some serious updating with new signatures etc, and I was worried that it would not be recognized, but fortunately it booted up perfectly.

I have backed up the 15.10 version, hoping that somebody out there can advise me on how to bypass the phantom login requirement and then enable normal permissions to my files, folders and programs.

Thanking you all in anticipation.

October 27th, 2015, 03:23 PM
Dear All,

Just to let you know I attempted the 15.10 upgrade once again and it went without a hitch. I think the upgraded version is slightly quicker on its feet, but other than that, it looks and feels exactly the same as the 15.04, which is great. No problems with phantom logins or user permissions required, which was a relief. The only message was about needing to open the the file manager to reassign nautilus 'hidden administration extensions', which I don't understand, because the administrative edit menu is present and it seems to work.

The only difference during this upgrade as opposed to the previous upgrade attempt is that when presented with the option to upgrade my login settings etc, I opted to keep the old settings, even though the tick was already on the upgrade button (be aware)!

Has anyone else had problems with upgrading their login settings etc?